is a known private IP address via which one can have the access to the admin panel for making the changes required in the router. It is also known as Class A of the private IP address for accessing the private router control panel. It is a part of 24-bit block of private IP address, mainly used by local area networks. Since it is a host address, it can only be used on one device.

How to Login to

Login to is not a tough task to do. However, there are certain things such as ensuring that it is the default gateway address of your device and is also well connected to the network is a must to proceed further. Adding to it, it is also advisable to ensure if there is an IP conflict on the network or not. Make sure there is no IP conflict there and if you meet all these requirements, follow the further steps and login to

  1. Go to your web browser and paste this address mentioned here.
  2. Admin login will be landed on the router login page where you have to enter your username and password.
  3. Use the default login credentials you have and enter (use admin as username and admin/password as password).
  4. You are into the admin panel of the router now.
  5. You can see the settings such as LAN, WAN settings, Wi-Fi settings and you can make the changes there. Once you make it, press save and proceed.

Default Username and Password

Router Brand Username Password
Xfinity/Comcast admin password
LPB Piso WiFi admin

Some common issues faced with

You might face some issues while accessing the admin panel of we are here sharing the quick solutions of the same.

  • taking too long to respond

If it is taking too long to respond, then you must use a different IP address to log in. use these given below.,, If the issue remains the same, check with the wire and hardware of your router. Ensure that the wire is plugged well and simply reboot the router. 

  • Incorrect IP address

You must keep an eye while typing the IP address. You may mistype it which won’t give you access to the router panel. Ensure the address you have typed is and nothing else. If you mistype it, you will be landed to the Google search result instead. Also, do not add HTTPS:// while typing the URL. 

  • Unresponsive gateway device

If the error shows an unresponsive gateway device, then it is surely a technical error. You can try fixing it by rebooting your router. It generally fixes such technical errors.

  • Incorrect client address assignment

If you are seeing this error, then it is because your IP address might have been assigned automatically to the clients. And if this happens, your IP address will not be note that it only happens on wireless networks. 

NOTE- While typing such IP addresses as, it is crucial to recheck what you have typed. Every dot and 0 is important and if you miss it, you will not be able to log in. Hence, always ensure you’re typing the right address in the address field.

How to find your Router’s IP address?

If you are unaware of your router’s IP address, then here are the methods via which you can know your IP address easily.

For Windows- Use ipconfig command on your command prompt. Or else, you also can use Network and sharing center on your PC. Open the panel and tap on the connections tab. You can find IPv4 default gateway column. You can see the IP address there. 

For MAC- You can check the IP address in your system preferences options. 

For Mobile Users- Go to advanced properties and find the IP address.